"Definitely worth the 30 min drive up!"

-Patricia Wang, Diablo CrossFit 




The 7 Sacred Rules at AllStar

At CrossFit AllStar we commit to live the following:

  1. I promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, minute to minute. But in that minute I will do my absolute best.
  2. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. Then I rest and live to fight another day.
  3. I may struggle, curse and cry but I will never quit.
  4. I will never criticize or beat myself up for what I can't do today. I will just try again tomorrow.
  5. I promise to believe in myself, beginning each workout with the thought that "I can do this!"
  6. I show up to my workouts because I am committed to my health. My commitment to health is an act of self-love.
  7. I acknowledge that my diet is the most important part of my program. The cleaner it is, the better I do.
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


Where is CrossFit AllStar? Waimea/Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii

-Written by Coach Josh and KC

Hey AllStars! This is Coach Josh,

If you are reading this you are probably interested in bettering your health and fitness. If you are satisfied with your body and performance level, then read no further, have a great weekend, come to the Ka Waimea Makahiki if you would like a great Saturday event, or enjoy yourself wherever you are!  Aloha!

I have a 3 and a half week challenge

If you feel like your body can be faster, stronger or lighter than it is now, I have a 3 and a half week challenge, that if followed religiously, can change your weight, stamina and energy levels more quickly and noticeably than 6 CrossFit WOD's per week. The simple, straightforward premise is to eat whole foods that were around in paleolithic times and not the ones that come in boxes. Eat meat and vegetables, nutsand seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. That's it.

Did I see a difference?

I totally get that limiting your food choices is a BIG deal mentally. I practised CrossFit for over 3 years before I had the intention to really give it a shot. A couple months ago, I entered the Lurong PaleoChallenge and ate strict paleo for 9 weeks. The first 2 to 3 weeks had some bumpy times, but my body and mind grew accustomed after a while. Did I see a difference? I was able to run a 5k at a semi sprint for 19 minutes, lifetime PR at 39 years old, I was surprised in the middle of WOD's when my burpeesgot faster the more I did, up over 100. My whole body felt more ready to do work and slower to fatigue all around. If you haven't tried this way of eating or are plateauing at a predictable fitness level, this is your chance to go further!

Enough preaching, here's the No Bullshit part.

To enter, you pay $100 cash by Friday May 31 6:30 pm to Josh or KC. You begin eating strict paleo Saturday June 1 morning. The challenge ends on June 26th. If you have no "cheats" for the 3 weeks, you will get your $100 bucks back, know what true Paleo is about and take your body to the next level. If you decide to eat/drink a non- paleo item, you must perform 25 burpeeswherever you are, report the cheat and your entry money will have $10 subtracted per cheat. At the end of the challenge, all the $10 fines will be combined and divided equally among the participants who have zero cheats. If you film your 25 burpee penalty and post the video on our private facebook group, you will be eligible for the "Funniest Cheat Video" prize of your next month AllStar membership free. Winner will be chosen by group members. HAHA!

What are Cheats?

Simply, anything not a meat, vegetable, fruit, nut or seed. there are 20,000 foods in a supermarket, so I'll get more specific. Cheats include any grain or cereal product: NO bread, rice, pasta, tortilla, quinoa, ezekial bread, bagels, baked goods, etc. No Dairy: Milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, cream, etc. No sugar: white, brown, artificial sweeteners, aspartame, stevia, fruit juices(that have added color, sugar, etc.), soda, etc. 1 Tbsp. of a natural sweetener allowed, honey, maple syrup, agave, ONCE a day. No potatoes. No Corn/popcorn. No soy: soymilk, margarine, tofu, Etc. No legumes: black, pinto, garbanzo, etc. includes peanutsand peanut butter. No nitrates preservatives and hard to pronounce additives of any kind. The food you consume must have ingredients that are obvious and paleo. I.E. almond butter(100% almonds) is ok. Almond butter(almonds, palm oil, cane sugar, dextotriptamine r87x) is not paleo.

AllStar Ben's late night paleo grubbing.

There are plenty of things you CAN eat.

Meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are delicious and you can eat as much as you want this included unsweetened nut milks like unsweetened almond milk. Fruit, fatty meats and nuts should be kept to a minimum however, if weight loss is a goal. Allowed foods that are borderline paleo will be the following: black coffee, unsweetened natural teas, Occasional sweet potatoes/yams/poi, post workout/once a day. 80% or higher chocolate no more than 1/4 bar per day, One 6 oz. glass red wine or  one shot tequila per day for our members who wont try to go alcohol free. Further questions can be answered in class or on theFacebook group.


Unfair you say? I say, "No Excuses, No Bullshit."

You will have 48 hours to report your eating habits/ cheats. Join and post on our private facebook group, "the No Bullshit PaleoChallenge" or email Josh at baroverhead@gmail.com put in the subject line the 'date/cheat or no cheat". I ask that everyone picks one or the other system and stays consistent in using eitherfacebook or email for ease of tracking. If you don't enter your cheat/no cheat status in 48 hours, you will be given 2 cheats per unreported day. Unfair you say? I say, "No Excuses, No Bullshit."

Everyone will be on the honor system, cheating on reporting cheats is obviously not allowed in this challenge. If you are incapable of respecting the rules, Please do not enter. 
This challenge is being run by Josh. Please ask questions and deal with me directly, contacts below. KC is a knowledgeable paleo resource, but asked to not be involved in managing this challenge.

I plan on not cheating so I will get all of my money and some of yours back!!! If you are strong,  join me in taking the weak'smoney! Eat the weak!

A #1 resource we recommend is the Whole30, a comprehensive website by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. You can also sign up for a Whole 30 challenge at the same time as this one and receive daily emails on what to expect along the way. These folks have done an awesome job and there's no need for us to reinvent the wheel here. If you need additional resources just visit Whole30.com.  KC attended their nutrition seminar, and has a copy of Melissa & Dallas Hartwigs book in the lending library called "It Starts with Food". Visit their website here: http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30/

Additional resources:


For a list of Paleo links we like:
Below Right: Unsweetened Almond milk (Costco) makes a great milk and dairy alternative. 

This is KC talking now...

I hope you all take the opportunity to take your training to the next level (actually it should be the FIRST level, nutrition is the FOUNDATION of CrossFit, but for some reason everyone trains really hard first, then looks at diet second). Wherever you are at withthis, nutrition is something that won't go away. Yougotta eat, and you have choices to make each time you eat. Being part of a nutrition challenge is an opportunity to be accountable for what you already know you should be doing, eating optimally. It's a chance at doing something great, and being supported by others in the group who will be in the exact same position. Its about spontaneous learning, and taking responsibility for YOU. 
You WILL have to take responsibility and plan, prepare, and pack your OWN food if you are used to your spouse or someone else doing it for you. I ate differently than the other 3 members of my family for years, never complained, just ate what I knew I should and didn't let 'them' bother me, even when they made fun of me. Now my husband is on board and realizing the benefits of paleo, amen but it wasn't always so. Take it from me, you might have to be the LEADER in your family, or amongst your friends and extended family. But you CAN do it, if you try.
The No Bullsh!t Paleo Challenge begins soon. $100 buy in. You get all your money back if you stick with the guidelines in the original email. Take into account the changes listed above. Everything will also be posted on the website. Additionally there is aFacebook Group page set up for diet entries, discussion and support at https://www.facebook.com/groups/395985180486024/?fref=ts
When was the last time you were sorry that you did something GREAT for your health? For me, it helps to look at the worst possible outcome if I am scared to do something...even if I lost the $100 for slipping on my diet, at least it will force me to take a solid look at what I am fueling my body with, educate myself, receive support, companionship, and commradere, learn new recipes, and help me continue to move forward on this journey. If you never challenge yourself, perhaps you will continue to do things the same way over and over. I want to evolve.
Email JOSH with any questions at baroverhead@gmail.com
Mahalo and may the healthy eating 'force' be with you,
-Coach KC