"Definitely worth the 30 min drive up!"

-Patricia Wang, Diablo CrossFit 




The 7 Sacred Rules at AllStar

At CrossFit AllStar we commit to live the following:

  1. I promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, minute to minute. But in that minute I will do my absolute best.
  2. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. Then I rest and live to fight another day.
  3. I may struggle, curse and cry but I will never quit.
  4. I will never criticize or beat myself up for what I can't do today. I will just try again tomorrow.
  5. I promise to believe in myself, beginning each workout with the thought that "I can do this!"
  6. I show up to my workouts because I am committed to my health. My commitment to health is an act of self-love.
  7. I acknowledge that my diet is the most important part of my program. The cleaner it is, the better I do.
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


Where is CrossFit AllStar? Waimea/Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii


AllStar Round-Up History of WODs


2016 AllStar Round-Up 5 INFORMATION!

To register as an athlete or volunteer visit our EVENTBRITE page. T-Shirt Deadline Nov. 1! Late Registration closes Nov. 9!

AllStar Round-Up 2016 logo





 allstar round up 4 group pic

AllStar Round-Up 5

The purpose of the AllStar Round-Up is to come together in a community to be something greater than you can be alone. We provide an inclusive fitness experience that showcases the talent we have here in Hawaii and beyond, including kids, kupuna, and people with physical and sometimes mental disabilities. We provide an optimal, comprehensive & competiative fitness experience so that everyone leaves feeling like a winner!

Please click HERE and take a moment to watch a video about the purpose of this event!

We've lost a true treasure to the CrossFit community and to our gym. Kameichi Yawata is now with God, he passed peacefully and i'm trying to find comfort knowing he lived a very full, exciting, and rich life especially at 100+ years. Kameichi Yawata was once the eldest CrossFit Athlete on the planet, and it was an honor to be around him, and the most unique coaching experience i'll probably ever get to have. He was once featured on ESPN in a commercial about CrossFit, and here's the reason why. He started CrossFitting at 99 and trained with me till he was almost 102 years old. He showed up EVERY WEEK without excuses and always willing to try. He told us repeatedly "If I can do it, YOU can do it!". He always told us to "Trust in the Man upstairs" and now Kameich is there, with God. We love you Kameichi you have changed this gym and global CrossFit culture forever!

It is in his honor that we dedicate this year's 2016 AllStar Round-Up to YOU SIR.

Rest in peace Kameichi....1914-2016

Cowboy Up!

You'll need a bunkhouse, event is 2 days!

FRIDAY, VETERANS DAY. Nov. 11, 6:30am(athlete check-in)-6pm


SATURDAY, Nov. 12, 7:00am-6:00pm

Schedule of Events DAY 1

Friday Nov. 11, Veteran's Day

  • 6:30am- 7:30am Athlete Check-In at CFAS
  • 7:30am-7:40am Group Picture (Athletes/Volunteers)
  • 7:40am-8:10am Opening Ceremony
  • 8:10am-8:25am WOD#1 'FRAN' Workout Description and Movement Standards
  • 8:30am WOD#1 START....(11:20am approx. FINISH time subject to change depending on number of entries)
  • 9am - 12:00 noon Skills Test #1 performed outside gym; Vetical Jump
  • 11:30am Kupuna CrossFit Honorary Ceremony...(12:00noon FINISH) (30:00 total)
  • 12:00noon WOD#2 (to be announced) workout description and movement standards
  • 12:15pm WOD #2 START...(2:15pm FINISH time subject to change depending on number of entries)
  • 2:45pm WOD #3 (to be announced) workout description and movement standards
  • 3:00pm WOD #3 START...(5:00pm FINISH)

Schedule of Events DAY 2,

Saturday Nov. 12th

  • 7:00am Athletes required to be at box for Mystery WOD #4 events 
  • 10am - 2:00pm Skills Test #2 performed outside gym; Ranch Work
  • 10:00am KIDS EVENT Check in , turn in donations
  • 10:45 Kids staged in Warm up area
  • 11:00am KIDS intro & event
  • 11:30am WOD #5 (to be announced) workout description and movement standards
  • 11:45am WOD #5 START...(1:45pm FINISH time subject to change depending on number of entries)
  • 2:10 Entertainment
  • Approx 2:45pm Final WOD for top 4 competitors announced
  • 3:00-3:15 Set up for finals
  • Approx 3:15pm Finals START...(4:15pm Approx FINISH)
  • Approx 5:30pm Medals Ceremony and closing blessing
  • 6:00pm PAU! 

allstar round up 2014

The Lowdown:

Our goal is to showcase ALL athletes including adults, kids, kupuna, and people with disabilities. We will provide an optimal competitive fitness experience so that everyone leaves feeling like a winner!  

  • 8 Divisions include: 
  • Open Men/Women
  • Scaled Men/Women
  • Masters Men/Women (40+ yrs.)
  • Teens 11/12yrs, 13/14yrs, 15/16yrs., 17/18yrs. older than 18 encouraged to enter scaled) Teens will be run in a mixed age/gender heat, but awards will be given to ALL TEENS
  • WE WILL HAVE 16 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR TEAMS 'MIXED OPEN PARTNER PAIRS' (1MALE/1FEMALE), THE DIVISION WILL ONLY USE THE OPEN WEIGHTS AND STANDARDS (you may ask us to scale your workout but you will not score higher that another RX team in a workout). 
  • We have based ticket availability on last years participation. 
  • We reserve the right to sell more, or less tickets of certain divisions based on need and interest. Registration is limited, please reserve your spot before it sells out if you want to compete! We cannot accomodate last minute entries. No refunds, no transfers.
  • If you wait, there is a chance we might move tickets from some divisions and place them available in other divisions that need tickets. We will do our best to spread the tickets out between all the various divisions. If you want to compete, purchase a ticket early so we can be sure to provide enough for all.
  • Event will be 2 days long! Scores from Days 1 & 2 will be compiled. 
  • Entry fee includes event shirt if you register by the Nov. 1st deadline. Be sure to specify Mens/Womens & size when you register online. If you register after Nov. 1 you will NOT be guaranteed an event shirt! We are not ordering extra this year!!!!
  • WODs to be announced. Expect 3 events on Day 1, with a skills test. Expect 2+ events for everyone on Day 2 plus a skills test, with a final event for top 4 competitors in each division. Skills tests will be given throughout the weekend for everyone. More info to come about this! 
  • Anyone can enter, even if unaffiliated with a CrossFit box!
  • FREE spectator admission.
  • Chuck Wagon will be on site for food purchase around lunch time
  • Confident volunteers, equipment organizers & Judges needed (FREE T-Shirt included!) Volunteers MUST get a free ticket and complete the online questionsaire after ticket purchase. Volunteers should register by Nov. 1 to guarantee a shirt gets ordered for you!
  • Early registration will be from Oct 11-Oct. 31, 2016
  • Late registration will be from Nov. 1- Nov. 09 (not guaranteed a shirt!)
  • Registration will CLOSE Wednesday, Nov. 9th, midnight
  • KIDS EVENT Saturday Nov 12th 10am! Stay tuned for more info!
THINGS TO BRING if you're a competing athelte in any division other than KIDS:
  • Lifting Belt
  • Wrist protection
  • Lifting shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Swim Suit
  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal cooler with food/snacks (will have lunch wagons on site at the gym)
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q. I want to enter Open Men's Division but it's all full? What can I do?
  • A. Simply purchase a FREE waitlist ticket to be put on the waitlist. It is VERY likely that we will release more tickets, and remove tickets from other divisions that are not selling out. 
  • Q. I was wondering if its going to be for Big Island only or if I could make it there from O'ahu would I be able to enter?
  • A.We would love people from neighbor islands to enter!!! 
  • Q. how do you determine what division to register for?
  • A.You will know to register for Open if you do regular CrossFit mainsite wods as perscribed. Register for scaled if you REGULARLY NEED TO SCALE workouts or are a novice.
     We want everyone to be included, but not take advantage of scaling just to win of course! If an un-assited pull up is not available to you, then you should sign up for scaled division.
  • Q. Will the wods be released before the event ?
  • A. YUP! Most of the WODS will be released before the event, with the exception of a mystery event and the final event for the top 4 competitors. You can expect that at least 3 of the workouts will be released so the athletes know what to expect and are able to practice for peak performance.


2016 AllStar Round-Up Workouts!



Skill Test #1: Vertical Jump 

A.K.A: Test your vertical!


This event will run half day, 9am-12pm on Day 1 Friday. Please perform this event at any point during this time period. We will not be able to record your score if you perform this event after 12 noon so get it done early!


To measure explosive power in the legs. The Vertical Jump or Leap, is a common and easy to administer test of explosive leg power. It is one of the fitness tests in the NFL Combine. We will be using the rules of the NFL Combine in this test. The athlete’s reach will be measured before the jump and the athlete then jumps flat-footed to place the magnet on the board above them as high as possible. The athlete is then given a second opportunity to better their previous jump.


  • Athlete will be allowed to make 2 attempts for maximum Vertical Jump Height on the designated magnetic board in the designated area (outside gym with a judge). Practice attempts off the magnet board in the warm up area do not count. Only attempts on the Magnet board will count, and only 2 attempts will be allowed. 
  • Athlete must use the Vertical Jump Board provided. Find a clear description of the Vertical Jump Magnetic Board HERE. 
  • No running starts. Both feet flat at the start. 
  • Swinging of the arms and bending of the knees will be allowed to provide upward drive. The athlete attempts to jump as high as possible, then must carefully place the magnet on the board. Two attempts are allowed, with the furthest attempt counting towards your final score. 
  • If the magnet is thrown it will be considered a ‘No Rep’ and you will be given a ZERO for that attempt. If the magnet drops off after it has been placed or thrown on the board it will be considered a ‘No Rep’ and you will be given a ZERO for that attempt. PLACE YOUR MAGNET CAREFULLY! 
  • Measurements will be rounded down to the nearest 1/2” inch. 
  • Athletes will not be permitted to argue with their judge:) If you want to contest your score you will need to see the Head Judge (Wayne Hess).


  • Judge will measure athlete’s standing height. Athlete will then jump to place magnet on board.
  • The measurement is taken from athletes standing reach to the highest point of contact jumped on the Vertical Measure Magnet Board. Record the highest distance jumped, the best of two attempts.

 Judging Goals:

  • Provide an exterior event that athletes can execute on their own time between the hours of 9am-12noon on Friday Day 1.
  • 1-2 judges will stay at the Vertical Jump booth during this time.
  • Judges will use as accurate of a measure as possible, rounded down to the nearest 1/2”
  • Judges will give a ‘No Rep’ if the athlete does not stick the magnet and it falls or if the athlete intentionally throws the magnet or tosses the magnet.
  • 2 Vertical Jump Board Measures will be provided in the Vertical Jump Booth, along with enough judges to run both boards simultaneously for 2 different athletes if needed.
  • One Board will hang lower and one higher for different height athletes.


Team score will be the combined total.


Skill Test #2: Ranch Work

Not a workout...it’s just WORK!

This event will run ON DAY 2, SATURDAY, 10am-2pm. Please perform this event at any point during this time period. We will not be able to record your score if you perform this event after 2pm so get it done early!


To measure athletes ability to carry large loads, long distances, in the shortest period of time....this is CROSSFIT! This event is about real grunt work. This event will be set up in front of the gym in a coned off area in the parking lot.


  • Athlete will be allowed to make 1 attempt for time. 
  • There will be no practice area.
  • Athlete must move ‘Ranch Work Objects’ from point A to point B.
  • Athlete may choose to move as many objects at a time as they are able to. Athletes may make as many trips as possible till all objects are moved. 
  • We reserve the right to announce more specific rules the day of the event based on objects brought in for this event.
  • Ranch Objects will be unknown to the athletes till the day of the event.
  • Athletes will not be permitted to argue with their judge:) If you want to contest your score you will need to see the Head Judge (Wayne Hess).


  • Judge will time how long athlete takes to get object from point A to point B.

 Judging Goals:

  • Provide an exterior event that athletes can execute on their own time between the hours of 9am-2pm on Friday Day 1.
  • 1-2 judges will stay at the Ranch Work station.
  • Judges will use as accurate of a time as possible using a stopwatch.


For the TEAM event....the Male will do the event, then tag in the Female and she will perform the event with no rest between partners. Score is total time it takes for both partners to perform the work.



WOD #1


This was the first workout at the VERY FIRST ROUND-UP in 2012, It's VERY special to us so we're repeating it here for our 5th Anniversary of this event! Remeber, TEAM use OPEN weights and standards unless otherwise specified (TEAM may scale if needed but will not score higher than any other TEAM performing the OPEN weights and standards).


21-15-9 reps of:


Pull Ups


*Weights and Standards for WOD #1:

  • Thruster Weights: Open: 95/65, Scaled: 75/45, Masters 40+: 95/65, Teen 11/12: 45/35, Teen 13/14: 45/35, Teen 15/16: 75/45, Teen 17/18: 95/65
  • Thruster Movement Standards: Open, Scaled, Masters, TEAM, and Teen Divisions: Crease of hip at or below level of the knee in bottom position, arms locked out & ears in front of arms in top position. 
  • Pull Up Standards: Open: Unassisted Pull Ups, Scaled: Use a 2" (green) Assistance Band(option to do unassisted pull ups but will NOT score higher), Master's 40+: Unassited Pull Ups, Teen 11/12: Use a 2" (green) Assistance Band(option to do unassisted pull ups but will NOT score higher), Teen 13/14: Pull Ups, Teen 15/16: Pull Ups, Teen 17/18: Pull Ups
  • Unassisted Pull Up Standard: Arms fully extended in the bottom position, bar below plane of chin in top potition.
  • Scaled Pull Up Standard: Arms fully extended in the bottom position, bar below plane of chin in top potition. If using a band the same standard applies. If you choose to do Rx Pull Ups, you will not be penalized, but you will not have and advantage in your score. 


21 Thrusters (Male)
21 Pull Ups (Male)
21 Thrusters (Female)
21 Pull Ups (Female)

15 Thrusters (Male)
15 Pull Ups (Male)
15 Thrusters (Female)
15 Pull Ups (Female)

9 Thrusters (Male)
9 Pull Ups (Male)
9 Thrusters (Female)
9 Pull Ups (Female)

8:00 Time Cap


WOD #2

"Paid in Pounds"


With a 4 minute running clock athletes will attempt a 1 Rep Max Snatch, OR athletes also have a choice to perform Target Burpees to accumulate weight on their Snatch. 

Burpee Conversion:

1 Target Burpee = 3lbs 

*We will use the word ‘Burpee’ in the rest of the description, you can assume we mean ‘Target Burpee’.


  • Any Burpees performed will accumulate and count towards the total weight of the 1RM Snatch. 
  • You may perform as many Burpees as you’d like in 4 minutes.
  • You must perform a Snatch. If you only perform Burpees your total score will be zero for this event. The Snatch may be performed with an unloaded barbell, and the weight of the barbell will count towards your score. If you need lighter bars let us know ahead!
  • Once you are done with Burpees and you take a Snatch attempt, you may not go back to your burpees.
  • For the Snatch, there will be no de-loading, so if you miss your Snatch attempt you may not go down in weight.
  • Athletes will load their own bar for the Snatch, with collars.


A 45# Barbell will be used by all Men’s Divisions

A 35# Barbell will be used by all Women’s Divisions

*If you need a lighter barbell please notify us at least 2 days prior to the event.


Each lane will be provided with a set of 45, 25, 15, 10, 5, 2.5lbs plates.

Lock Jaw collars will be provided and required.

Lane Set Up

Movement Standards

Burpee: Athlete MUST stand until they hear the ‘GO’ of 3,2,1 GO! False starters will be disqualified! Athlete must stay within their lane. If athlete chooses to use Burpees to count towards their total weight, they will first perform a Burpee. Athlete will bring chest and thighs to the ground at the bottom of each Burpee (top of chest, not lower abdomen). Athlete must then rise and touch the target overhead at the top of the Burpee. Target will be measured to 6” above the athletes standing reach. (Instructions for measuring athletes TBA. But expect each athlete to get measured during the transition time before their heat. Yes, I just said that.) If athlete performs a ‘Good Rep’ Burpee at the bottom, but misses the target at the top, they may re-perform the jump to touch target, without having to re-do the entire Burpee. 

1 RM Snatch: Once the clock starts, the athlete may perform as many or as few Burpee's as desired. When the athlete begins to load the bar, the opportunity to perform Burpees stops. It is then the goal to perform a 1Rm snatch. 

  • Multiple attempts may be made. 
  • Weight can be added, but not removed. 
  • The final score is in pounds, highest completed snatch weight + total accumulated Burpees (1 Burpee = 3 lbs) 
  • Athlete must load their own bar, clips required. 
  • The barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion WITHOUT a pause at the hip or hang position. 
  • Only the bottoms of the feet may touch the ground during the Snatch.
  • This may be a Power Snatch, Squat Snatch or Split Snatch.
  • Arms must lock out on the Snatch, press outs will not be permitted. An imperceptible amount of press out is allowed...any press out that is seen by the judge will be deemed a ‘No Rep’.
  • Bar may not rest on the body at any point during the Snatch, and bar may not touch the head.
  • Movement is complete when the athlete is standing with the load overhead and the knees, hips, and elbows are fully extended. Feet need to come back together if the Split Snatch is executed.


Our Judging goals:

  • Present workouts that are a valid test of fitness with equal judging for all participants.
  • Judges will be randomly placed with athletes for each event. You will not have the same judge all day.
  • Present movements in the workouts that are easily measured, and take the human element out of it as much as possible. Thus, the Target Burpee.
  • Empower the judges by presenting movements that are easily judge-able to help build confidence.
  • Keep audience engagement with judging positive by making the movements transparent and straight forward.

 TEAM: Teams will perform this workout individually, for example the Open TEAM Male will perform this event with all the Open Males. The Male and Female individual score will be combined for a total TEAM score.


WOD #3


For time:

20 Double Unders

1 Rope Climb

20 Box Jumps

1 Rope Climb

20 Kettlebell Swings

1 Rope Climb

20 Toes to Bar

1 Rope Climb

*6:00 Time Cap. If the time cap is reached the workout will be scored for reps.


Workout Description:

On 3,2,1 GO...athletes will begin at the start and perform each element, in order. Athletes will shuttle sprint down to the rope to perform the climb, then travel back to the next element till all elements are complete.

TEAMS: Teams will move through this workout ‘Conga-line’ style. Teams will choose which partner starts first. Partner A must complete an element before Partner B can advance. The workout is finished when Partner B completes the final rope climb.

Movement Standards:

Doubleunder: Athlete must stand (with rope in hand OK) then upon 3-2-1 GO athlete may perform Doubleunders, the rope must pass under the body two times per jump. Scaled Singles: Athlete must stand (with rope in hand OK) then upon 3-2-1 GO athlete may perform Single jumps, the rope must pass under the body one time per jump. 

Box Jump: The athlete will face the box, on 3-2-1 GO, athlete will use a two foot take off to jump on top of box. Athlete will rise to a standing position ON TOP OF BOX with hips, knees fully extended BEFORE jumping or stepping down. Rebounding Box Jumps OK & performed at your own risk. Step Ups will not be allowed. If an athlete must perform step ups in order to advance, they may complete the workout but the score will be zero for this WOD.

Kettlebell Swing:  The swing starts at the bottom with the kettlebell bottom of the kettlebell facing down and arms extended. The kettlebell swing is complete when the bell is overhead and the ears are clearly in front of the arms. Bottom of bell should be as flush to the ceiling as possible, but a slight amount of forward lean will be permitted as long as the other standard is met (ears in front of arms). If the bottom of the bell is facing forward in the top position, that will be considered a ‘no rep’.

Toes to Bar: Athlete begins Toes to Bar with arms fully extended and feet unsupported and behind the bar, while griping the bar using any preferred grip (overhand, underhand, alternate grip). Athlete will raise feet to the bar and BOTH feet or toes must touch the bar at the same time between the hands for the rep to count. Feet must go behind the bar at the bottom of each rep. 

Sit Up: For the sit up the athlete will begin at the TOP of the sit up touching the toes. The soles of the feet may be together, or knees bent. The athlete will roll down to the bottom of the sit up and touch the ground over head. The athlete will then come back up to the top of the sit up to touch the toes again to finish the rep.

Judging Goals:

  • Judge will travel with the athlete throughout the course
  • Judge will hold athlete accountable to the movement standards of all elements
  • TEAM will have 2 judges, one for the Male and one for the Female


WOD #4 MYSTERY WOD (will be announced at the END OF DAY 1.) 


WOD #5

'Bar-Buster Ladder'

Workout Description

Athletes will be given 90 seconds to complete as many reps as possible on the Thruster Ladder. The score will be for reps with time as a tie-breaker. The ladder will have 2 lanes and 2 Athletes will begin at the same time.

On 3,2,1 Go, athletes will travel from starting box to the first bar and complete 2 Thrusters (the first rep MAY be a squat clean into a Thruster) before moving on to the next bar in front of them. The Thruster starts with the barbell on the floor, the athlete will clean or squat clean the bar into the front rack position. The athlete MUST travel through the squat phase of the lift with hip crease below parallel at the bottom of the Thruster. The athlete must then rise and extend the hips and knees and arms overhead. The movement finishes with the barbell directly over the athletes center of mass. No JERKS allowed at the top. No re-bending of the knees...you must extend the knee and flex your quad at the top with no knee bend. Athletes must perform 2 reps at the given load in order to move on to the next bar and up the ladder. Reps do NOT have to be unbroken, but the athlete MUST perform 2 Thrusters in order to advance. Athletes MUST advance by stepping OVER and not around the barbell. Athlete may decide at any point along the ladder to stop performing Thrusters. At that point they will need to run to the end of the ladder, and jump onto the finish platform to stop the clock. The highest score will be rewarded to the athlete who completes the most reps, if multiple athletes perform the same amount of reps, they will be ranked according to finish time as a tie-breaker. *All athletes must get to the finish box AND on the finish box in under 90 sec. or they will receive a score of zero (0) for the entire workout.

Example of Scoring

Athlete A who performed 17 reps and got to the finish box in 73 seconds would place higher than athlete B who performed 17 reps and got to the finish box in 75 seconds. Both A&B would place higher than Athlete C who accomplished 15 reps in 45 seconds. A,B & C would all place lower than D who performed 18 reps in 88 seconds. 

Judging Goals:

  • Judges will be stationed at each bar to judge that particular weight reps. Judges will not be hoping over the bar with the athlete.
  • Separate Judges will be strategically placed next to finish box for maximum efficiency when timing athlete finishes.
  • Times will be taken down to the 1/100th.


Team score will be the combined total of reps, and combined time for the tie breaker.


Bar-Buster Ladder Map



*FINALS for top 4 competitors in each division to be announced (TEEN competitors may not have finals)


allstar round up
PARKING & ATHLETE TENTS: The top parking lot will be available for athlete tents like in years past. Additional parking will be available this year down the street at Environet. Athletes will be asked to drive in, unload, and park their cars outside the upper parking lot. A detailed map will be provided.
FOOD: We will have food vendors available, but you are welcome to bring coolers and pack your own food as well. There's also pleanty of eateries within close proximity of the box.
If you're an athlete who's paid a registration fee, please know your fee directly helps to host this event!

If you are volunteering, you are also helping to support what we do here at CFAS which includes supporting all the athletes at the competition. We could not do this event without all the dedicated volunteers and CrossFit community. We are grateful for you all!

And if you're a parent, we want to thank you for teaching your child that collaborating with others for a worthwhile cause can be something great. When children see value in contributing to their community we all have a brighter future ahead of us!

Mahalo! And stay tuned to the final details of the 2016 AllStar Round-Up #5 to be announced!

2015 AllStar Round-Up 4

For a PDF document of all the 2015 Round-Up WODs click HERE.

For SCORECARDS to review click HERE.



Kids event!


CrossFit KIDS EVENT at the 2015 AllStar Round-Up Sunday Nov 15th 10am approximately. 
Final time TBA! 

ALL Kids invited to participate even if not familiar with CrossFit! 

The kids event at the 2015 AllStar Round-Up is a fundraising effort initiated by Koai'a May, a now 12 year old boy. The CrossFit Kids chose collectively this year by secret ballot, to raise money to help Voyage Ministries here in Waimea! If your child is interested in collecting donations from sponsors, and coming to the event on Nov. 15th 9:30am to participate in the Kids workout, be sure to get your child a FREE Kids event registration ticket by clicking HERE! 

Please click HERE or emailKC@crossfitallstar.com for your child's donation forms so they can start collecting from sponsors! Awards will be given to ALL children who participate! Special recognition will be given to the kids who bring in the most donations, additionally recognition will be given for best form on the workout. Workout will include FUNctional movements! Final workout TO BE ANNOUNCED but will be accessible to ALL KIDS!

Please share with any kids and parents who might be interested!




AllStar Special Events: November 2014 The AllStar Round-Up!


AllStar Special Events: November 2013