"Definitely worth the 30 min drive up!"

-Patricia Wang, Diablo CrossFit 




The 7 Sacred Rules at AllStar

At CrossFit AllStar we commit to live the following:

  1. I promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, minute to minute. But in that minute I will do my absolute best.
  2. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. Then I rest and live to fight another day.
  3. I may struggle, curse and cry but I will never quit.
  4. I will never criticize or beat myself up for what I can't do today. I will just try again tomorrow.
  5. I promise to believe in myself, beginning each workout with the thought that "I can do this!"
  6. I show up to my workouts because I am committed to my health. My commitment to health is an act of self-love.
  7. I acknowledge that my diet is the most important part of my program. The cleaner it is, the better I do.
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Where is CrossFit AllStar? Waimea/Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii

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AllStar NEWS June

AllStar News!

Please take a moment to catch up on some news at the box!
due to inadequate commitments & not enough kids to host it! Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word, there was lots of interest, but there's so many other camps this Summer lot's of kids already had travel plans or other camps. GOOD NEWS is I can spend more time with my own kids and focus on them this Summer! All good!
Brian & Fluffy are hosting an event TONIGHT at their Rocking Chair Ranch FREE 
and open to the public in support of Wally Lau, Mayoral Candidate. The Jonny Short Band will be playing, and there will be stew and rice. If you've never been out to Rocking Chair Ranch, tonight's your night! It's an awesome place to hang out, relax, and enjoy the FREE evening event with Brian & Fluffy and all their guests! Rocking Chair Ranch is right off the highway, as you're driving to Honoka'a from Waimea, as you leave the last subdivision of houses, it's the first Ranch entrance on the left at the 55 mile marker, and clearly labeled 'Rocking Chair Ranch'! See you there!
The Summer Showdown will be August 6 at CrossFit Kona!
Looking for a reason to ramp up your training? This is it! Competition helps us rise to our best, keeps us honest, and stimulates growth. If you want to be better, consider entering this competition, at any level. More to come, but keep this date on your calendar!
KC teaching a class at Tutu's House June 20 & June 27, 1:00-2:30pm
Learn workouts you can do ANYWHERE! Send your friends who may be shy to enter our gym environment. Or if you're already training at CrossFit AllStar, consider coming and learning WOD's you can do at home, at the park, or while you're on vacation. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Spread the word!
Lurong Summertime Challenge Participants GOOD JOB ON THE FIRST 3 WEEKS!
All 26 of you deserve some applause for all your hard work and dedication to eating at whatever level you've chosen, AND completing all the WODS! ROCK ON! I've heard great feedback from participants, one athlete stated "I started at 292 pounds and broke 280, now down to 279 and thanks to everybody for making me laugh and cheering me on!" And weightloss may not be your goal, i've also heard "I'm really enjoying this way of eating, I think i'm going to stick with it cause it works for me I love how I feel". KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Lurong Potluck at CrossFit AllStar
Is in the works!!! Stay tuned as we finalize this opportunity to come together to share our favorite recipes and FOOD! It will be specifically for the Lurong participants, and the food MUST comply with the nutrition guidelines so all participants food choices can be respected. Will let you know when we have final confirmation!
MAHALO for writing us a review on Google!
Thanks so much for going to our Google page and writing us a review! We really appreciate it! This helps move us up in the Google Directory when someone googles 'CrossFit' in our area. If you would like to help, simply google 'CrossFit AllStar', then look at our page and click 'write a review'. You'll need to be logged into google. Mahalo!
That's about all for now, unless i'm forgetting anything!
Keep rocking and setting new PR's, you guys are amazing and I couldn't be prouder of everyone's efforts to be their best daily at the box. Together STRONG!


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