"Definitely worth the 30 min drive up!"

-Patricia Wang, Diablo CrossFit 




The 7 Sacred Rules at AllStar

At CrossFit AllStar we commit to live the following:

  1. I promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, minute to minute. But in that minute I will do my absolute best.
  2. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. Then I rest and live to fight another day.
  3. I may struggle, curse and cry but I will never quit.
  4. I will never criticize or beat myself up for what I can't do today. I will just try again tomorrow.
  5. I promise to believe in myself, beginning each workout with the thought that "I can do this!"
  6. I show up to my workouts because I am committed to my health. My commitment to health is an act of self-love.
  7. I acknowledge that my diet is the most important part of my program. The cleaner it is, the better I do.
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


Where is CrossFit AllStar? Waimea/Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii


We need our AllStar Athletes! YES YOU CAN!

Our goal is NOT to find the 'Fittest Athlete'. The goal of the AllStar Round-Up is showcase the islands talent and include all persons, REGARDLESS OF AGE OR FITNESS LEVEL in an environment where everyone is an AllStar.

"Will I be able to?"

As we prepare for the 2014 AllStar Round-Up event on Nov. 15th & 16th, I can't help but notice how some of our athletes feel 'on the fence' about entering the competition, even if they really WANT to. They continue to put obstacles in front of themselves. My heart goes out to those athletes. We train so hard, yet give ourselves very little credit for how great we really are. I see this daily with a wide variety of people. If this is you, you're not alone! Let's just get to the facts:

Reasons NOT to compete in the 2014 AllStar Round-Up:
  • Scared of not being 'good enough' or 'ready enough'
  • Fear of 'what people will think of me'
  • Fear of the unknown, "Will I be able to DO the workouts or weights?"
  • Fear of the stress or commitment
  • Fear of doing well at any level! It's more comfortable to act like we don't care.
  • Legitimate injury or pre-existing condition which would make competing and unwise choice. (So volunteer or come spectate and support the others!) this would be the only great reason NOT to compete.
Reasons TO COMPETE in the 2014 AllStar Round-Up:
  • If you ALREADY participate in CrossFit class, you understand ALL the movements and scaling options. We can even scale further than what is listed on the WOD descriptions, just ask!
  • We can not control what people think of us, nor should we care! Our effort is all that matters.
  • Because we CAN and it's FUN!!! Stress is simply showing us that our body cares about the outcome, and the outcome here is great joy!
  • Committing to a group event makes us BETTER. 
  • Accepting just how great you really ARE.
  • Because we care about our health and wellbeing, which includes socialization & participation in something greater than what we do alone.
  • Because it's our gym's largest fundraiser which benefits our Kupuna Program, Special Olympics Program(both of which charge a nominal fee to cover rent, but are taught by volunteer), and KIDS event that benefits the Hawaii Island Humane Society.
I would like to encourage ALL of you to consider registering in this year's AllStar Round-Up. This is YOUR home gym's largest annual event and our moment to showcase our athletes at ALL fitness levels. The purpose of the event, has NEVER been to find the 'Island's Fittest Athletes'. It has been, from the beginning, a way for us to showcase the islands talent and include all persons, REGARDLESS OF AGE OR FITNESS LEVEL. The most thrilling event for me to watch is the Master Women 45+ years!
We are still looking for athletes of all levels. ESPECIALLY Master's Women 40-44 years, and 45+ years! The workouts are FUN, and programmed to showcase you in all your beauty ladies!!! Most of you are waiting for someone else to enter first before you do, but if you all have that attitude...well you know. I'm not going to beat around the bush, lot's of our athletes are way to comfortable playing 'little' and thinking you're not good enough. Frankly, my job is to train you in CrossFit but in order to reach peak performance, you've just got to get you mind out of the way to let you body do the work!
Consider what your worst and greatest outcomes could be from competing. Quit self sabotaging and go for it! I WILL take care of you and we WILL have practices leading up to the event so you will know what to expect. And TRUST me that you will learn from this experience and move into a whole new level in your body, and your mind. And if you can compete for one day, and not two then that's fine. If you want to participate in a couple WODs but not all, that's fine to!!!
YES i'm talking to everyone! Aunties & Uncles....ALL of you!

And whatever you decide to do, I will NOT be disappointed in you! I want to see you all challenge yourself and grow in you own best way whatever that looks like to you. THAT alone fills me with great joy. Volunteer opportunities also offer a chance to challenge yourself and participate in an wonderful way. And you can do BOTH volunteer and compete if you'd like!
"Last year's roundup was my first CrossFit competition and I was so nervous to sign up. In fact, I almost didn't even get a chance to enter but luckily more scaled slots opened up. I had no idea what to expect. I had never seen a competition besides the games on TV and that was SO out of my league. I ended up having so much fun. The competition was very well organized and the atmosphere was so friendly and encouraging. I signed up this year so I could be part of that again. It is also really, really good motivation to train hard so you can put forth your best effort. I look forward to another fun weekend." -May Hampton, CFAS Athlete
"Weather you think you CAN, or you think you CAN'T, you're right" 
-Henry Ford
To view the workouts or register online for the 2014 AllStar Round-UP as an athlete, volunteer, or to sign up your child for the KIDS event fundraiser, please click HERE and scroll down when you get there to see all the details, scaling options, and movements standards. 
I love you all!
Coach KC

Another Round-Up workout RELEASED! 'Enter the Dragon, Part 2' evolved from 8 levels to 14!


Pohaku Strength & Conditioning's Andy Hubner in last years 'Enter the Dragon' workout

“Enter The Dragon, Part 2”

Athletes enter a 14 Level circuit (The Dragon), conga-line style. Amass as many repetitions as possible in each movement. 45 seconds of work, with 15 seconds of rest/transition time to the next element. Athletes enter and exit through the same athlete chute (PR Portal).

Floor Plan 

enter the dragon map key


Division Details:

Division Details Enter the Dragon AllStar round up

Movement Standards:

Row: Athlete is responsible for resetting monitor to zero (press ‘Menu Back’). The first thing the athlete should do when it is their turn to begin, is check the monitor and reset if needed. Volunteers will also assist to have rowers ready to start, but ultimate responsibility will be on the athlete to make sure monitor is ready. Two Rowers will be available and alternated between each 1:00 minute round. At the start, athlete must stand behind rower, then upon 3-2-1 GO, athlete may get on rower and begin their work. Foot positions will stay at 3, and dampers will stay at 5 for the duration of “Enter the Dragon, Part 2”

Pull Ups: Athlete must not touch the bar, then upon 3-2-1 GO, athlete begins the Pull Up with arms fully extended and feet unsupported while griping the bar using any preferred grip (overhand, underhand, alternate grip). Athlete will rise to bring chin & plane of face above the plane of the bar. Scaled Ring Row: Athlete will stand at undesignated point and lean back till arms are extended. Athlete will pull rings to touch chest for the rep to be complete.

Hand Release Push-Up: Athlete may begin in a kneeling position, then upon 3-2-1 GO the movement begins with the athlete in a plank position, arms extended with the body horizontal and flat like a board.  Athlete must lower body to a prone position on the floor with the chest, hips, top of thighs clearly on the deck. Hands must release and show separation from ground prior to pressing up. On the press up, Body must elevate in a straight line from ankles to shoulders for a rep to count. The hips must come off the floor at the same time or before the chest, otherwise it will be deemed a ‘no rep’. Both arms must come to complete elbow extension (locked out) in the top position.

Box Jump: The athlete will face the box, on 3-2-1 GO, athlete will use a two foot take off to jump on top of box. Athlete will rise to a standing position ON TOP OF BOX with hips, knees fully extended BEFORE jumping or stepping down. Rebounding Box Jumps OK & performed at your own risk.

Shoulder to Overhead: Barbell will be on the ground. Athlete will remain standing, hands off bar until 3,2,1 GO. then you may grab bar and clean into the front rack. Athlete will begin the Shoulder to Overhead movement in a standing position with hips and knees fully extended and bar in front rack position on the shoulders. Athlete may Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk the barbell overhead. Or use any other means to get the bar overhead and finish with the elbows, hips, and knees fully extended, or locked out and feet together if the split jerk is performed.

L-Sit on Paralletts: Athlete must stand, then on hearing 3-2-1 GO, athlete may place hands on Parallettes and get feet above the 12” box, with legs fully extended and knees locked out. If feet touch top of box, the athlete’s attempt is over and their seconds will be scored. 1 sec = 1 rep. Scaled Knees Bent w/ Feet Off Floor: Athlete must stand, then on hearing 3-2-1 GO, athlete may place hands on Paralettes and get feet off the floor. If athlete’s feet or toes come in contact with the floor, the athlete’s attempt is over and the movement is scored. 1 sec = 1 rep

Air Squat: Athlete must stand then upon hearing 3-2-1 GO athlete will bring hip crease BELOW the level of the knee. Then athlete will rise till hips, knees are fully extended for the rep to count.

Rest: Athlete can enter the rest station and rest. Athlete may not exit the resting station till the 45 sec. interval is over.

Front Squat: Barbell will be on the ground. Athlete will remain standing, hands off bar until 3,2,1 GO, then the athlete can be grabbed and cleaned up to front rack. First rep may NOT be a squat clean. Athlete begins in front rack position standing, with hips and knees fully extended. Athlete must bring hips below parallel, then rise back into hips and knees fully extended.

Toes to Bar: Athlete must not touch the bar, then upon 3-2-1 GO, athlete begins Toes to Bar with arms fully extended and feet unsupported and behind the bar, while griping the bar using any preferred grip (overhand, underhand, alternate grip). Athlete will raise feet to the bar and BOTH feet or toes must touch the bar at the same time between the hands for the rep to count. Feet must go behind the bar at the bottom of each rep. Scaled Sit Up: Athlete may begin seated then on 3-2-1 GO athlete must touch toes then lean back and touch ground overhead, then rise to touch toes. For the rep to count, athlete must touch toes at the top and ground overhead. Knees out with soles of feet together OR knees up with feet on floor will both be acceptable as long at the other standards are met.

Doubleunder: Athlete must stand (with rope in hand OK) then upon 3-2-1 GO athlete may perform Doubleunders, the rope must pass under the body two times per jump. Scaled Singles: Athlete must stand (with rope in hand OK) then upon 3-2-1 GO athlete may perform Single jumps, the rope must pass under the body one time per jump. ATHLETES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO USE THEIR PERSONAL ROPES. Vinyl ropes will be provided in the designated DU area in lengths of 7’ (pink), 8’ (green), 9’(blue), & 10’(yellow) with the length designated by the color of the handle. Practice ropes will be available in the warm-up area. Athletes will not be permitted to change the length of the ropes.

Power Snatch: Athlete will remain standing, hands off bar until 3,2,1,GO. Bar must travel from the floor to overhead in one motion, without any pause. Press outs ok here. Athlete must receive the bar with hip crease ABOVE parallel. Athlete must finish movement with elbows, hips and knees fully extended and locked out. Plates must touch floor to begin next rep.

Deadlift: Athlete must remain standing, hands off bar until 3,2,1 GO. Movement begins with plates on the ground, Deadlift ends with athletes hips, knees, elbows fully extended and shoulders behind the bar. Plates must touch ground in between each rep. No intentional “bouncing” the bar and catching it on the bounce.

Kettlebell Swing:  Athlete must remain standing, hands off bell until 3,2,1 GO. The swing starts at the bottom with the kettlebell bottom of the kettlebell facing down and arms extended. The kettlebell swing is complete when the bell is overhead and the ears are clearly in front of the arms. Bottom of bell should be as flush to the ceiling as possible, but a slight amount of forward lean will be permitted as long as the other standard is met (ears in front of arms). If the bottom of the bell is facing forward in the top position, that will be considered a ‘no rep’.

Judging Goals:

  • Lots of action will be going on continuously in this workout. Our goal is to make the judges job as easy as possible...that starts with the athlete executing reps above and beyond the standards so the judge doesn’t need to question it. 
  • Judges will NOT move through with the athlete. Judges will STAY at their respective stations and judge that one respective movement. Judges will be rotated during the 2:00 transition between divisions.
  • Athletes are responsible for possession of their score card at the start. Athletes MUST hand their scorecard to the judge at each station during the 15 second transition. Judges will stay at each respective station. If athlete does not hand the judge their scorecard BEFORE the start of that station, athlete will receive a ‘zero’ for that station. Athletes will NOT be allowed to retrieve a forgotten scorecard during work intervals. Athletes MAY retrieve a forgotten scorecard during the 15 second transition time.
  • We will be running ALL athletes through The Dragon, every minute on the minute, without stopping. You will be assigned a start time and MUST be at your spot in the conga-line in order to ‘Enter the Dragon’. Any athlete not in line will miss their turn, forfeit their score and receive a zero for this event. 



10/4/14 TEDx Kamuela experience once in a lifetime

-Written by KC

Weather you think you CAN, or weather you think you CAN'T, you're right. -Henry Ford

TED Talks is our own backyard!

For those of you unfamiliar with TED Talks, as I was up until a couple weeks ago they are a traveling lecture series meant to share ideas worth spreading. When I first learned that the TEDx (the independently organized version of TED) would be coming to our town I immediately wanted to be involved because I had always heard so many great things about TED but didn't know quite what it was. I offered to volunteer to help out at the event which I was told was the only way we could actually get to see the talks because only 100 people were allowed to be at the event due to TED rules. I was pleasantly surprised when they replied back to me that they didn't want me to volunteer they wanted me to SPEAK! "OK, even though I've not done something like that before, let's DO THIS!"

Game Changers

The theme for the TEDx Talk was 'Game Changers'. I was asked to speak about fitness, but for most people that conversation tends to stop short of talking about movement, lifestyle habits, or nutrition...with weight loss usually being the primary topic. My talk, however was more about the mind and believing in yourself! Because no matter how many tools you have....treadmill, workout CDs, workout equipment, gym membership, or even a trainer you'll never realize your greatest potential until you get your own mind in the game and think positivly about yourself and who you are. Money doesn't buy you health, your mind does! How you think about yourself and what you're capable of doing is a greater factor than you might think. And for most of us, our capabilities are far bayong what we percieve them to be.

My Definition of Fitness

I live and breath CrossFit, and my entire life is that fitness model. But whatever it is that you want to do weather it's running, yoga, hiking, biking, or any form of exercise we all face challenges. What happens when you can't even take the first step and get started?

I've come up with a formula based on my observations of working with a wide variety of the population to explain HOW I DO IT. My formula is meant to help myself, and others with the obstacles that prevent most people from even getting started. And the fact of the matter is that ironically that obstacle is usually our own mind and what we tell ourselves each new day!

Image slide from KC Stallsmith, Believe you Can and you Will, TEDx Kamuela. All rights reserved

TEDX Experience

What a amazing experience to be part of this outstandignevent! Lynn Herkes manifested the event and was the lead instigator in bringing the event to our island. She also did the organizing, communication, fundraising and logistics along with her husband Bob Herkes. They did an outstanding job and I felt honored to be able to speak. Everything from the logistics and release forms, to tips from TED on how to give a meaningful talk, to the dress rehearsal and finally the main event...these guys totally ROCKED IT!!! It was outstanding to be involved in the TEDx Kamuela event. My experience was a once in a lifetime dream I never knew I wanted, but was blessed to have it once I did it!

The other speakers = GAME CHANGERS!

I got to watch nearly all of the other speakers at the TEDx Kamuela talk. Chike Ukaegbu came out all the way from New York to present first with his talk, "Entrepreneurship: Embracing The Side Hustle" where he shared about his work with 'disconnected youth' generally menaing youth that have little education and no jobs. His goal is to empower youth with entrepenureship and education. He organized a non-profit called RE:life Inc to help teach disconnected youth about business and take all the creaticvity these youth have to manifest it into new business models for the youth of today.

Another outstanding speaker was Jamie Borromeo who recently wrote a book called "Young, Educated & Broke". Her powerful message was based around the definition of 'Millennial' and where she found herself at her college graduation with large debdt, no job, and a generations of baby boomers before her that left behind lots of problems. Jamie is a well spoken author, entrepreneur, and activist that also maintains a blog called Millennial Musings. I just subscribed to her blog and i'm excited to follow what she has to say! Below: Jamie had us all take a SELFIE which is SO MILLENNIAL and post to Instagram and #youngeducatedandbroke


Thanks to Elin Kalaniopio, Josh Stallsmith, and Kelsey Ownes who were there to help support me! And thanks to EVERYONE in my life that supports me in doing exaclty what I love to do!

Some of the other presenters from Left: Financial Advisor Michael Kramer, Author Jamie Borromeo and her partner, Educator Chike Ukaegbu, and me (Fitness motivator KC Stallsmith)


Later that night when I was out celebrating with my family I got word that CrossFit Inc. had finally posted the longer full story version of the KUPUNA VIDEO!!! This has been about 6 months in the making and it was finally done and posted on the CrossFit Mainpage!!! Please check it out below!


I ended the evening with my closest friends watching the GRID finals with Cheryl Brost who had been gone since July after the CrossFit Games. She's a very special person to me and to be able to watch the semi-final and final matches with her right there was so special!!! Being with friends and enjoying time together and each other's successes is the greatest blessing! LOVE!




9/30/14 ROUND UP WOD 1 RELEASED! "Paid in Pounds"

AllStar Round-Up 2014 WOD #1

"Paid in Pounds" 


With a 4 minute running clock athletes will attempt a 1 Rep Max Snatch, OR athletes also have a choice to perform Target Burpees to accumulate weight on their Snatch. 

Burpee Conversion:

1 Target Burpee = 3lbs 

*We will use the word ‘Burpee’ in the rest of the description, you can assume we mean ‘Target Burpee’.



  • Any Burpees performed will accumulate and count towards the total weight of the 1RM Snatch. 
  • You may perform as many Burpees as you’d like in 4 minutes.
  • You must perform a Snatch. If you only perform Burpees your total score will be zero for this event. The Snatch may be performed with an unloaded barbell, and the weight of the barbell will count towards your score. If you need lighter bars let us know ahead!
  • Once you are done with Burpees and you take a Snatch attempt, you may not go back to your burpees.
  • For the Snatch, there will be no de-loading, so if you miss your Snatch attempt you may not go down in weight.
  • Athletes will load their own bar for the Snatch, with collars.



A 45# Barbell will be used by all Men’s Divisions

A 35# Barbell will be used by all Women’s Divisions

*If you need a lighter barbell please notify us at least 2 days prior to the event.



Each lane will be provided with a set of 45, 25, 15, 10, 5, 2.5lbs plates.

Lock Jaw collars will be provided and required.

Lane Set Up


Movement Standards

Burpee: Athlete MUST stand until they hear the ‘GO’ of 3,2,1 GO! False starters will be disqualified! Athlete must stay within their lane. If athlete chooses to use Burpees to count towards their total weight, they will first perform a Burpee. Athlete will bring chest and thighs to the ground at the bottom of each Burpee (top of chest, not lower abdomen). Athlete must then rise and touch the target overhead at the top of the Burpee. Target will be measured to 6” above the athletes standing reach. (Instructions for measuring athletes TBA. But expect each athlete to get measured during the transition time before their heat. Yes, I just said that.) If athlete performs a ‘Good Rep’ Burpee at the bottom, but misses the target at the top, they may re-perform the jump to touch target, without having to re-do the entire Burpee.  

1 RM Snatch: Once the clock starts, the athlete may perform as many or as few Burpee's as desired. When the athlete begins to load the bar, the opportunity to perform Burpees stops. It is then the goal to perform a 1Rm snatch. 

  •  Multiple attempts may be made. 
  • Weight can be added, but not removed. 
  • The final score is in pounds, highest completed snatch weight + total accumulated Burpees (1 Burpee = 3 lbs) 
  • Athlete must load their own bar, clips required. 
  • The barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion WITHOUT a pause at the hip or hang position. 
  • Only the bottoms of the feet may touch the ground during the Snatch.
  • This may be a Power Snatch, Squat Snatch or Split Snatch.
  • Arms must lock out on the Snatch, press outs will not be permitted. An imperceptible amount of press out is allowed...any press out that is seen by the judge will be deemed a ‘No Rep’.
  • Bar may not rest on the body at any point during the Snatch, and bar may not touch the head.
  • Movement is complete when the athlete is standing with the load overhead and the knees, hips, and elbows are fully extended. Feet need to come back together if the Split Snatch is executed. 

Our Judging goals:

  • Present workouts that are a valid test of fitness with equal judging for all participants.
  • Judges will be randomly placed with athletes for each event. You will not have the same judge all day.
  • Present movements in the workouts that are easily measured, and take the human element out of it as much as possible. Thus, the Target Burpee.
  • Empower the judges by presenting movements that are easily judge-able to help build confidence.
  • Keep audience engagement with judging positive by making the movements transparent and straight forward.


You CAN DO THIS! Register by clicking HERE!!!!


Third Annual AllStar Round-Up! Be part of something special!