"Definitely worth the 30 min drive up!"

-Patricia Wang, Diablo CrossFit 




The 7 Sacred Rules at AllStar

At CrossFit AllStar we commit to live the following:

  1. I promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, minute to minute. But in that minute I will do my absolute best.
  2. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. Then I rest and live to fight another day.
  3. I may struggle, curse and cry but I will never quit.
  4. I will never criticize or beat myself up for what I can't do today. I will just try again tomorrow.
  5. I promise to believe in myself, beginning each workout with the thought that "I can do this!"
  6. I show up to my workouts because I am committed to my health. My commitment to health is an act of self-love.
  7. I acknowledge that my diet is the most important part of my program. The cleaner it is, the better I do.
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


Where is CrossFit AllStar? Waimea/Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii

See what folks have to say about CFAS!

Coach Kelsey redefines herself...

For an Blog post interview with Inspirational Athlete Kelsey Ownes click HERE.

Hands down, This is the best training I have ever experienced.

Hands down this is the best training I have ever experienced. Since I have been going to CrossFit, I am healthier, stronger and look better than I have in years. I feel amazing - 100% more productive, Increased positive mood and general life satisfaction bumped up many notches. There are a lot of boxes out there, the people are what set a place apart. KC and Josh are top of the line. The sense of community is unlike anywhere else. Everyone is welcome, no one is made to feel like they don't belong. KC will work with you on all aspects of fitness, including diet and Yoga to prevent injury. CrossFit Allstar is the place for anyone that wants to be healthy and vibrant for the rest of their life. Workouts are scaled to all fitness levels and abilities. -Joe H.

I have never liked working out in groups or in a gym before coming to Crossfit Allstar.

I have never liked working out in groups or in a gym before coming to Crossfit Allstar.  KC brings a teaching background and unmatched enthusiasm that are guaranteed to get everyone excited about being the strongest and healthiest you you can be.  The gym has great equipment and would be worth the drive for any Crossfitters out there staying on the Kohala Coast for a vacation.  It's just up the road in Waimea. -Robyn S.

I feel successful every time I go.

It's great going to a gym that is owned by a woman.  KC is a gifted trainer.  She modifies all the workouts to fit people's individual abilities.  I feel successful every time I go. -Rachel L.

CrossFit AllStars....... ROCK!!!!  Can't say enough of KC and the BOX to do it any justice.

CrossFit AllStars....... ROCK!!!!  Can't say enough of KC and the BOX to do it any justice. If your looking for someplace to get "STARTED", looking for a "CHANGE", and/or just looking for some AWESOME friends and support....  KC is AMAZING... I participated in her On Ramp program and attended some of her community classes- she definitely cares about each person that enters the BOX and has their best interests in mind.  Give it a try....you won't regret it, you'll only LOVE IT and crave for MORE!!!! -Haunani T.

Crossfit AllStar in Kamuela is the real deal and a great place to get fit and learn the ways to live a healthy lifestyle...

I started the Crossfit On-Ramp Program awhile back and I absolutely got hooked to the workouts, the facility(#1 box), and KC my trainer.  It's the perfect area to get your training done and meet great people.  Everyone was so friendly and a very safe environment.  I wanted to go back everytime and just got into Crossfit even more but I had to stop cause of my back injury that I hurt during volleyball.  But I'm recovered from it and can't wait to head back to Crossfit in January!!!Even though I missed my last on-ramp classes and haven't been back since KC has still sent me emails and willing to give me exercises that will not re-hurt my back and go from there to make it stronger.  Crossfit AllStar in Kamuela is the real deal and great place to get fit and learn the ways to live a healthy lifestyle plus Im the type of person that wants trainers and workouts to kick my a** and this is place to be for that...Looking forward to January to start up again...Blake G.

Going to CrossFit AllStars was one of my highlights this year and I look forward to coming back in 2013!

I won a one month membership to KC's CrossFit AllStars this year.  I was out of shape and not big on working out but KC made it fun and I truly looked forward to going to the On Ramp classes!  She is an awesome trainer - super friendly, very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable in every aspect of working out and maintaining a healthy diet and she encourages everyone to try and do their best.  She is simply amazing!!  Her energy is infectious and her strength is awesome! Going to CrossFit AllStars was one of my highlights this year and I look forward to coming back in 2013! - Lorna F.

The camaraderie, sense of community, welcome attitude, friendliness, encouragement, and professional coaching is unmatched...Everyone needs to experience CrossFit AllStar!

CrossFit AllStar is the best!  In the two months I've been training we have done different routines every time, awesome!  The camaraderie, sense of community, welcome attitude, friendliness, encouragement, and professional coaching is unmatched.  Everyone needs to experience CrossFit AllStar!  Along the journey you make New Friends, become part of a New Family, learn a New Language, eat a New Diet, and become a New You!  It's amazing, all you have to do is, "Show Up." KC and Josh have a passion for health, fitness, well-being, coaching, and family!  This comes from their "Na'au," it's the Real Deal, they Walk the Talk!  Mahalo Nui Loa! A Hui Hou - Randy C.

I have tried just about every exercise program out there, including four different things in Waimea. None met my expectations like CrossFit AllStar!

I have tried just about every exercise program out there, including four different things in Waimea. None met my expectations like CrossFit AllStar! Where do I begin? CrossFit itself has become quite a fad, but there is a core philosophy that really makes sense. Every day is a different set of exercises. Some are for cardio fitness, others to help with brute strength, and a bunch that combine those two things with gymnastics. Every day is a new challenge for your body and mind. You track your progress and can see improvements in speed, agility and strength. The very best thing about CrossFit AllStar is the owner, coach and inspirational athlete KC Stallsmith. She has pushed me when I needed it, been there for a hug when I let myself feel defeated, found challenging alternatives for me when part of the workout wasn't right for me, and is always right there, cheering me on! AND she does  this for EVERY PERSON who walks through the door. Her philosophy is that everyone is an athlete, and she makes it happen! The range of ages, abilities, and body types at CFAS would astound most people, I think. A typical class feels like a family gathering: old, young, men, women, fit, skinny, overweight, high-energy, quiet, intense. One can quickly feel comfortable here, but never complacent! There is always too much work to get done for that! -Melora P.

So glad I 'braved it', came in and kept at it.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I first 'showed up' for a free intro class. I just wanted to get back in shape and  lose a few pounds. Its been a pretty unbelieveable experience and journey so far.  Kc and Josh are super fantastic together and they compliment each other well. They are professional, educated on their craft and skills and just awesome, top of the line people as well as coaches and motivators. To me, Crossfit is result driven in every aspect. Its really hard to imagine until you show up and spend a few months in and see the crazy, cool changes people make, both physically and mentally. So glad I 'braved it', came in and kept at it. -Dana C.

It is a hardcore gym with family atmosphere.

I first started training at CrossFit AllStars about a year ago.  I was looking for something new, different and challenging; a fitness routine that would compliment my goals and lifestyle.  It was truly humbling at the start, but Coach KC and Josh demonstrated a patient ability to train and motivate clients of varying levels.  I was even able to work through and continue training after a horrible achilles injury.  KC modified every workout to accommodate my limitations while rehabilitating and building my injured calf and tendon.  If you are looking for results (competition, better health, strength, weight loss, self confidence) then CrossFit AllStars is the place to find it.  It is a hardcore gym with family atmosphere. -Scott Y.

Wow, it's fun, Fun, FUN!!!!

The gym I got used to was with gym machines and I had no idea the gym with no machines until I came to CrossFit AllStar for free trial.  Wow, it's fun, Fun, FUN!!!!  Even when I feel hard to do some movements correctly, KC demonstrates/instructs them very nicely and motivates me to go forward.   Everytime I go to CFAS, I feel great. Mahalo!!!!!!!!!! -Hiromi

...the results really speak for themselves.

If you're serious about getting and staying physically fit crossfit is the way to go and in Kamuela HI, Crossfit AllStar is the place to do it. Coaches KC and Josh are committed to crossfit as a lifestyle and the community of athletes that train there are really amazingly supportive, Training there is fun but serious and the results really speak for themselves. -Don M.

Everyone is friendly and encouraging no matter what level you are at.

Although it took forever to check out the CF Box, I took the on ramp program and knew I was going to LOVE it! Since August I have been a regular and feel so welcomed by  KC.  Everyone is friendly and encouraging no matter what level you are at.  I am so happy to be part of your success KC and JOSH!  Thank you for your  high energy and constant motivation!  I have learned so much, and am looking forward to many years of staying healthy and fit.  Malia

Oh, and did I mention I can bring my kids to class?

As I rolled into my mid-thirties I knew I needed to start getting more active.  I had been running for a couple of years and maintaining at a decent weight.  I then got injured, gained weight and got out of the habit of running.  I had watched my friend KC's transformation as she got into CrossFit.  It was amazing!  I was envious and doubtful I could ever work that hard or achieve those same results.   When I found out she was teaching classes I thought I would give it a go.  I drug out of bed at 4:30am to make it to the first 5am class, convinced I was crazy.  I confirmed my insanity on day 2 after that first workout when I couldn't lift my arms over my head.  But for some reason I went back.  Now almost a year later (and another several month set back) I am still going to class - although the 5:30pm class is a little easier to make.  With KC's motivation, training and enthusiasm and the support of our CrossFit AllStar family  I have pushed my body to do things I never thought I would.  I now work against my own personal best, and celebrate the success of the athletes working next to me.  I also know I may never quite look like KC (she is a foot shorter than me and has a seemingly endless supply of energy), but I am working for a strong and healthy body - not just an external aesthetic (although that is coming too).  I even joined the 30 day Paleo food challenge this time...and it is way better than I expected.  My energy is up, my skin is clear, my body doesn't feel so bogged down...just takes a little more attention to having and prepping the right food. But well worth it.  The great thing about working with KC is it is more than just "working out"...it is a whole body approach to wellness...oh yeah, did I mention we do yoga too?  CrossFit is HARD...but the feeling at the end of the workout keeps me coming back. And yes, we even manage to have some FUN!  Oh, and did I mention I can bring my kids to class?  Not only do they come, they love to jump in on speed ladders & rings, they are perfecting their headstands.  Working with KC is helping me to make the changes in my life I previously felt were out of my reach...now the sky is the limit.  Come check it out for yourself. See you at the Box! -Carrie J

WOW have all of my expectations been met and doubled at CrossFit AllStars in Waimea.

I didn't know what CrossFit was but the idea of it sounded perfect.  WOW have all of my expectations been met and doubled at CrossFit AllStars in Waimea.  The best place to work out, meet nice people, get fit and be responsible about exercising.  I can't wait to go back tomorrow and the next day .... and even though I injured myself on day 1 - I've isolated the injury with my doctor and KC (owner of Cross Fit All Stars) has organized alternative exercises for me while my foot heals.  I really can't say enough good things about Cross Fit AllStars, from the high caliber of equipment and layout to an amazing amount of creativity and expertise by KC and her husband.  I'm in my mid 50's and I feel like I belong here - along with the 20, 30, and 40 year olds - everyone is so friendly and helpful and encouraging and the stories of success will blow your mind.  Mahalo to CrossFit All Stars - the one and only BOX in Waimea :-))) UPDATE:  I have now completed my first month of CrossFit - and my body is showing great improvements and strength.  STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY.  KC is the best :-)


Hi KC,
Honestly I love everything about Crossfit Allstars!! From the little question of the day at the beginning to get everyone talking, the constant monitoring to make sure everyone is using the right form and that everyone is so supportive of each other one. I felt very welcome from the minute I stepped in the door! I would love to come more which my husband and I were actually just talking about last night. How I can get there more times a week.
Oh and I know i already told you this but the on ramp program is genius!!!!
So many other places just show you once and that's it and you know as much as I do that doesn't work with the pace of Crossfit. 
I don't know what you could do to improve as it seems that you have thought out every detail!!!
See ya soon 

-Michelle A.


Rachel L.

Hi, KC--
I meant to write you after the class last week.  Somehow, even though you have to modify the exercises like crazy for me , I end up leaving with a feeling of success every time.  Thank you.  It really speaks to your gifts as a trainer.  I bought a Groupon for a boot camp in CA before I came here.  I actually think I'll be ready to do that when I go back.
See you this week--

Diane CampbellDiane Campbell 70 Yrs. young

"Thank you sooooooooooooo much for creating your On-Ramp program, and letting me be a first-to-try-it-out. When I first came to Crossfit, I went once to the community class you were then offering, and it was cool---really cool.  But wow, was I out of step !  So we did a series of private lessons, and I got so much better over the weeks. You showed me how to move safely, how to adapt each particular exercise to my current ability and then gradually ramp  the intensity up, how to use all the really fun equipment you have.  You and I ---we made a terrific team and we had a blast. You honestly are a wonderful coach, KC.  

I feel so much better prepared now for the regular group  classes.  I can go in with confidence, knowing my limitations as I start out, and knowing how I can accomplish each move while respecting  my body.   It has been fascinating to discover how many ways you can adapt each move and still get the benefits to the muscle groups. I can actually take part and have an absolutely wonderful time ! I'm glad you will be starting people out with the On-Ramp program. It will be fun to see it evolve into a real group process.  If anybody asks me, I'll tell 'em.  Do this ! So big mahalo you." ---Diane Campbell

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin followed through with every aspect of this years Paleo Powered Holidays Challenge. She turned in her points each of the 9 weeks between Nov. 15th - Jan. 15th, she stayed on this challenge right through the holidays! She took her measurements, weight, and photos before AND after she did the challenge. You can see in the photo above, her change is subtle but noticable and if you check out her measurements you can see she lost a significant amount of inches as well! Slow and steady wins the race here. She lost 4 lbs every 30 days(over the holidays no less!), and I know with her determination, she will just keep going! This is only the beginning for Sandra Martin. We’ll keep you posted on Sandra’s progress as she continues her CrossFit program with Paleo eating. We are so proud of you Sandra!

Congratulations to Sandra, she earned 1st place and $150!!!

BEFORE PALEO measurements & weight:Click ABOVE for details.
Neck: 14-3/4" (middle of neck)
Arms: 12-3/4" (6" from shoulder)
Chest: 39" (fullest part)
Waist: 35-1/4" (at belly button)
Hips: 40-1/4" (5-1/4" from waist)
Thigh/legs: 23-1/2" (at fullest part)
Weight: 156 lbs

AFTER 60 DAYS OF PALEO AND CROSSFIT measurements & weight with inches lost:
Neck: 13-3/4": minus 1" off her neck!
Arms: 12-1/4" : minus 1/2" off her arms!
Chest: 37-1/4" : minus 1-3/4" at the chest!
Waist: 34" : minus 1-1/4" at the waist!
Hips: 38-3/4" minus : 1-1/2" off her hips!
Thighs/legs: 22-1/2" : minus 1" off her thighs!
Weight: 148 lbs :TOTAL WEIGHT LOST 8 lbs!!!

In Her Own Words:

I was the typical dieter, gaining & losing the same 10-20 pounds over & over & over. I was always on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, yet getting fatter & fatter every year. I was huffing and puffing every time I had to walk anywhere and my size 14 pants were getting too tight. I knew I had to do something, but was at a loss.

I had a friend that did a boot camp in Kona using CrossFit methods and I saw her body shape change in less than three months. (If you are in Kona see our friends at  www.crossfitali'i.com) Then on August 20, 2011, I walked into my first Crossfit class in waimea with KC when she was using the HPA facilities, on an early Saturday morning. The first thing we had to do was run to the tree and back. Run? I had not run in years, so I fast walked (or waddled as the case may be). Then we had to sit-ups and pull-ups and oh my god, more running. I was thinking, “my team is going to hate me & be mad I got put on their team”, but a funny thing happened; every time I turned around, someone was telling me “good job” or “you can do it”. I was surprised because I had never joined a gym where the other people actually encouraged you. By the time I left that day, I was hooked. And I followed KC to the new gym she opened in Kamuela, CrossFit AllStar.

Then I signed up for the Paleo challenge to get me through the holidays without gaining the normal 5-10 pounds. I bravely took a before picture of me in just a sports bra & shorts and did all my measurements and weighed myself and wrote them down in ink so I couldn't erase them.

When the Paleo challenge ended, I took an after picture, took all my measurements and weight. Wow, I was shocked at the difference! What I couldn't see on a day to day basis, I could see in the decrease in inches, the way I looked in the two pictures and the 8 pounds I had lost in 61 days.

I've been doing Crossfit with KC at CrossFit AllStar in Waimea 2-3 times per week since August 20 and overall have lost about 25 pounds and two pant sizes. I'm going to be 55 this year (shh, don't tell anyone) and while I'm not in “the best shape of my life”, I'm getting there. Everyone who knows me has asked me what I'm doing & every time I answer with a huge smile on my face “Crossfit, baby!”.


For more information on Paleo Nutrition from our website click HERE!

Willete Kalaokahaku Akima

Kala BeforeI remember a visit to the doctor in August ‘09 and the doctor telling me that I needed to work on losing weight. She clearly advised me that it should be a slow process. At that time I heard her but continued to eat everything that I desired. As time when on not only was the pants size getting larger, I found that my breathing was getting harder just walking around and fixing the bed. Sometimes being questioned of why I sounded exhausted or shortness of breath while talking on the telephone. These were little messages to me that I continued to avoid as time went on and just dealt with aches and pains, shortness of breath, tight pants, and stretched out clothes. I believe that I was weighing in at probably 194 pounds. At 48 years old a friend told me you know if you have health problems at 50 years old your health will only get worst. UMMM… 

In June and July of 2010, during a summer long program I realized that it was time to begin working on my health as daily morning walks around the field was sometimes challenging.Kala After The summer program provided Zumba once a week for an hour as I learned some of the moves I thought that I would take them use them at home with the Michael Jackson cd's that I had. Because I am an early riser every morning, I decided that at 5:00 in the morning and for half an hour I do Zumba and then ride the exercise bike for 20-30 minutes. During this time my body craved Clarey's bread and collard greens. This was the beginning of being more aware of the foods that I was eating.  Often times through the morning workout I wondered if I should join the cross fit program that everyone else was becoming a part of. I couldnÿt afford paying for it and if I really wanted to lose weight I would have to work hard towards it. Here I began my commitment to my health every morning!!! Eventually I attended Zumba classes offered at Ho'olako 2 times a week.

In October with great aloha a parent of two of my students K.C  Stallsmith whom is a certified cross fit trainer invited me to work out with them. I remember telling her that I was afraid to die. She convinced me that I would just be fine. Since October I have been working out 3 times a week from 5:00 a.m- 6 a.m. Definitely not easy but my body looks forward to the challenge. I remember in the beginning of my training K.C would say go to you are fatigue I would say “FATIGUE ! I AM READY TO DIE!! The support of the other team members as well as K.C and Josh is no doubt why I believe that I CAN!. For me I challenge myself I donÿt compare myself to anyone but me. I always try to do better at the next work out. Because I was getting to skinny, I stopped attending Zumba. I do onl cross fit and my body feels really good, short breath under control, pants size from a 16 to an 8, and the bra from a 44 D - 38 C. Great health test results in April.

Friends or family who haven't seen me for awhile will ask “what happen to you”? or some will ask “is it cross fit”? I do tell them it is Cross Fit and changing the way I eat! To; K.C , Josh and the dawn patrol gang! I love you all… What a feeling , It feels great!! Kaläokahaku


About a year ago, a dear friend of mine was approaching the end of her life, far too early, and admonished me to take care of myself. I took heed and began inching myself toward better health. Friends had once called me “Sporty-­‐Spice;” I swam, rode my bike, jogged, and loved hiking, but a knee injury, motherhood and a grown-­‐up sedentary job all whittled away at my active lifestyle and left me, at the edge of 45, squishy and tired.

Nine months ago, another dear friend encouraged me to check out KC’s dawn patrol (that’s 5 a.m. folks) and waking up for that a few times a week since November has created a 180 degree change in how I feel. I would come home so lit up by our WOD, and my new community, that my husband joined me, and our 7-­‐year-­‐old son cheers us on during Saturday classes too. It’s definitely an ‘ohana affair! Because CrossFit is fitness built on a foundation of good nutrition, our dawn patrol group embarked on a lifestyle-­‐changing food adventure that has improved me from the inside-­‐out. That, in turn, has increased my strength and endurance – which I didn’t think possible!

I love that CrossFit is for EVERYONE. KC is an amazing and supportive coach who models excellent form, then helps everyone modify that excellence to match their own developmental level. When I started, I was struggling to run a whole mile. Now, that’s a warm-­‐up for me. I can do strict push-­‐ups, a handstand (and handstand push-­‐up) and have even accomplished what I thought was completely out-­‐ of-­‐reach: a pull-­‐up! So now, at the edge of 46, Sporty-­‐Spice is back!!

But honestly, I don’t keep coming back because I’m reaching physical milestones. I return because CrossFit is SO MUCH FUN!! Every workout is different, I never get bored, and I’m always challenged by my coach and my crew. I look forward to greeting the day with a fabulously fun and unique group of people. KC’s AllStars ROCK. 


Leslie Hall

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how grateful I am to have come into connection
with you.  I truly appreciate you as a role model and support for (among other things)
fun, nutrition, fitness and reaching for more!  This week I am really feeling like my
body is back on the path to competence and what you do and how you present it has
everything to do with my comfort and confidence to keep going.  So, from a variety of
areas of my life (the spill over is fabulous!) I thank you and look forward to more!

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo~

Paula Hackwelder

~ Paula M Hackwelder